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When searching for replacement windows for your home you may think the most exciting option available to you is having an alternative colour to your standard white UPVC windows. While being able to choose the colour of your windows in a fantastic option to have available to you, in today's market you'd be amazed at the number of alternative styles of windows you have available to choose from. If your home was built in the last 30 years it is very likely that it was originally fitted with standard white UPVC double glazed casement windows. These are great, they're robust, virtually maintenance free, offer great thermal and insulation benefits and we install loads of them. There are alternative options available out there though.

A 3 pane UPVC Double glazed flush casement window finished in golden oak
Exterior shot of a flush casement window finished in golden oak.

Let's talk about flush casement windows.

Flush casement windows have been around for years, we're talking 100's of years. When timber windows were first installed into buildings around 200 years ago the majority of them would have been flush casement windows. This basically means that the window was designed and built with the sash fitting flush into the timber window frame giving a smooth and flat appearance.

With the explosion of UPVC Double Glazing in the 1980's and the decline of timber window frames, flush sash windows lost their popularity however with the advancement of window technology flush sash windows are once again back and we are very happy at this fact.

How to spot a flush casement window?

A flush casement window is easy to identify. They are flat in their exterior appearance and give a sleek and smooth finish. Like standard UPVC Casement Windows you can configure your flush casement window in virtually any style you want with side openings, top openings or a combination of both.

A white UPVC double glazed flush casement window finished in white wood grain
A white flush casement window with wood-grain finish fitted into a period property.

Our flush casement windows are available in many colours ranging from traditional white to green and the most popular colour at the moment across Yorkshire is anthracite grey. You can continue the sleek and flat theme with a smooth paint finish or opt for a wood-grain textured finish.

Would a flush casement window suit my property?

The beauty of UPVC flush casement windows is that they suit virtually any property, even if you are limited by colour choice you can add a touch of class to your home and make it stand out with a flush casement window. As the flush casement window dates back to the 19th century they suit period properties very well as they would enhance the appearance of a home built in 2019.

Flush casement windows also benefit from an energy rating of A+ meaning they offer all the thermal and insulating qualities that standard UPVC Casement Windows.

Flush casement windows are a great alternative to aluminium windows. Available in any size, style and colour we can manufacture flush casement to look just like aluminium windows at a fraction of the cost.

Our flush casement windows are available in over 20 colours as standard, smooth and wood-grain finishes and we can also prepare them with a white internal colour finish allowing you to keep a neutral colour scheme on the interior of your home.

A internal shot of a upvc double glazed flush casement window finished in golden oak
Internal view of a flush casement window with an oak foil finish.

If you are interested in UPVC flush casement windows then talk to Windoor today about having them installed in your home.

We have access to a wide range of modern double glazed windows, A rated windows as standard, double and triple glazing, some of the most secure composite doors available to the domestic market, bi-folding doors and a full design and installation service available as standard.

We can supply casement windows in 26 different colours, Bi-folding doors can be painted in any RAL colour you can think of and composite doors can be supplied in literally any design and colourway you can think of.

Our installers are all experience and MTC qualified and all work is backed by an industry standard guarantee for 10 years.

Windoor Online Limited supplied and installs replacement double glazed windows, UPVC Doors, Composite Doors, French Doors, Sliding Patio Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Conservatories. We also supply bespoke aluminium windows, made to measure timber doors and windows.

We work across the Yorkshire region and the North of England.

Our trade division offers a full range of window and door solutions to the construction industry.

Get in touch today on 01274 976733 or for more information.

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