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UPVC Windows v Aluminium Windows - this is quite an established debate and it is a question that we are getting asked more frequently. "What are aluminium windows?" "Can I have aluminium windows fitted to my house?" "Which are better windows? Aluminium Windows or UPVC Windows?" You get the idea?

We thought it would be a good idea to put together some information about UPVC Double Glazed Windows versus the benefits of Aluminium Windows so let's go.

The humble UPVC Double Glazed Window

The benefits of UPVC Double Glazed windows are all too common to see. They are affordable, robust, almost maintenance free and it is easily the most recognisable window material in the marketplace. UPVC Double Glazed Windows can be made up in virtually any size, style, design, configuration and thanks to modern advancements in colour technology you can have them manufactured in any colour and finish. UPVC Double Glazed Windows don't have to be plain white plastic windows any more. UPVC Windows are secure and offer fantastic insulating and thermal properties keeping your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. UPVC Windows are weather resistant and can withstand harsh winters and perform just as well during the warmer months throughout summer.

UPVC Windows are available in all the classic styles you will be familiar with and modern offerings include flush casement windows and sliding sash windows.

UPVC Windows are not limited by colour any more. There are a number of standard colours you can choose outside of standard white windows. Creams, greens, greys are all available and if you have something very specific in mind you can also have your windows factory sprayed in a colour of your choosing.

A UPVC Double Glazed casement window featuring a side opener and glazing bars painted in cream
A standard UPVC Double Glazed Window finished in cream.

With energy ratings up to A++, UPVC Double Glazed Windows are not to be dismissed if you are considering your options for replacement windows or for your next build project.

92% of the windows we install are UPVC Double Glazed Windows, not all of them white! Our most popular product by far however.

Aluminium Windows - the new kid on the block?

When talking about the history of window construction and design, aluminium is certainly the most recent entrant to the market place. Aluminium windows have been around for years however their more common use was in commercial and retail buildings. This was primarily down to the strength of an aluminium window frame and its ability to be able to hold a large pane of glass secure quite easily. The benefits of aluminium window frames have now trickled down to the domestic market and they are now being used in residential properties as an alternative to UPVC Double Glazing.

What's so special about aluminium windows?

As mentioned above, aluminium is a strong material, stronger than plastic thus allowing the window frame to be thinner and sleeker. With minimal sightlines and more glass this allows more light into your home and takes your attention away from the window frame.

Aluminium windows have to be painted or powder coated as part of their construction process. This gives you the opportunity to personalise the colour of your aluminium windows. As with UPVC windows, grey's are very popular currently.

Aluminium windows are available in all classic and modern designs. One key advantage with aluminium windows is that you can go large in your design and choices.

A large aluminium window and curtain wall featuring large glass panes painted in anthracite grey
A stunning aluminium window frame with large glass panes,

Which windows are right for you?

There are 2 factors in play when deciding whether aluminium windows or UPVC windows are right for you. The first one is your requirements. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing windows and depending on your house type then it would be likely that you will be able to find suitable UPVC windows that meet your demands. For example, if your house has standard UPVC casement windows then you could upgrade them to flush casement windows or add a wood-grain finish when specifying them. If you are building a new, modern property then perhaps sleek, minimalist Aluminium windows would be the ideal choice for you.

The second factor is your budget. Both aluminium and UPVC windows are affordable however the cost of aluminium windows is higher .

The choice is yours. UPVC Windows or Aluminium Windows - it's all down to your personal taste. If you are wanting a modern, contemporary window style then aluminium windows will be your best option.

Both UPVC Windows and Aluminium Windows supplied by us are made to measure and bespoke and you can guarantee a perfect fit every time.

Our installers are all experience and MTC qualified and all work is backed by an industry standard guarantee for 10 years.

Windoor Online Limited supplied and installs replacement double glazed windows, UPVC Doors, Composite Doors, French Doors, Sliding Patio Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Conservatories.

We also supply made to measure timber doors and windows. We work across the Yorkshire region and the North of England.

Our trade division offers a full range of window and door solutions to the construction industry.

Get in touch today on 01274 976733 or for more information.

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