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Why buy local?

When making a large home improvement purchase such as windows, doors and conservatories there is lots of choice out there. In the replacement windows and doors industry there is lots of companies vying for your business and I mean LOTS! There are some well established companies that are virtually household names, they’ve been in the double glazing industry for years and to be fair to the majority of them they do a good job. It’s when things go wrong that the problems begin. Your typical national double glazing company will employ 100’s of staff across many sites. Their departments will be made of sales teams, production teams, installation teams, accounts, management and customer service teams. How these departments are staffed up will vary.

Let’s start with sales - this department will be awash with personnel all fighting for your business. Typically sales teams are target and commission driven and will do anything to get your order or to book an appointment for a rep to come and see you. They’re not bad people, every successful company needs sales people; it’s just their priorities may be slightly different to yours.

Production - again, no doubt a well managed and well staffed department. With the orders flooding in they will need to be able to keep up with demand and keep windows and doors running of the production line ready for the installation teams. The majority of the large national double glazing firms will manufacture in-house although there may be some product lines such as composite doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, french doors, that they may use external manufacturers to supply them with.

a large 3 pane UPVC double glazed patio door
Stunning sliding patio doors available from Windoor Online Limited

Installation - Large companies will use either subcontract installation teams who will be paid per job or employ their own installation teams. In the current labour market companies are more reliant on subcontractors as they’re a flexible workforce. If the work isn’t there they don’t have to pay them and the subcontractors will find other work. The issue with this is pride and quality in the work that they do. They may subcontract for multiple companies or indeed source their own work too but there will be a lack of employee loyalty and this ultimately impacts the quality of work.

Customer Service - this is the one department in my opinion that is quite possibly the most important however is usually the most under-resourced and over-stretched, not just in the double glazing industry but virtually any service industry you rely on as a house hold. When things go wrong and let’s face it, if you’re buying replacement windows and doors from a national name as 1,000’s of other customers do each week then things will occasionally go wrong. If you’re one of those unfortunate people then this department will be your first port of call and this is where dealing with a large company it can become frustrating. Chances are the customer service agent will not be familiar with your project, they may not even work in the same office but it’s that lack of personal contact that is frustrating for you as a customer. The issue may be something simple such as a casement window not shutting correctly or a composite door not locking the way it should but it can take weeks or even months to resolve. Your issue will be passed from department to department before anyone comes anywhere near your house to put it right. When you make such a significant purchase such as replacement double glazing, composite doors or patio doors you want it installed right first time and in the event of a problem you want it putting right within an acceptable timeframe without being kept on the phone for hours and being passed from person to person. Now don’t get us wrong, this isn’t the case 95% of the time with the large companies but when you are selling the volume that they do, this does happen more often than not.

So why buy local?

Buying replacement windows and doors from a small local company is the equivalent of shopping on your local high street. Ok, we’re usually based on industrial estates out of town but you get the point.

The majority of small window and door companies operate a low overhead business model in order to keep costs down and pass these savings across to you the customer and to remain competitive in the wider market place. You will find that you have a single point of contact throughout the whole process from choosing your new windows and doors through to organising an installation date, being on site at the time of signing off the job and any aftercare issues that may arise once the job is complete.

Let’s also consider the environmental impact. Supporting local businesses is good for the environment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies. Locally owned double glazing companies purchase materials and products locally requiring less transportation, this equates to less congestion and pollution on our roads and networks. Local business are more accessible, they are able to operate in their local communities. It’s easy for them to bring their products to their consumers because their consumers are nearby.

An added bonus is the economic benefit of buying locally and supporting the local workforce. Essentially, by buying UVPC Double Glazed Windows, Composite doors or Conservatories from a local business, you’re contributing to the local and regional economy as a whole.

Working with a smaller business like ourselves to supply & install your replacement windows & doors you will still receive the same benefits as you would with the national companies. All of our window and door products are covered with a 10-year manufacturer against faults and defects, installation is also covered for 10 years with an insurance backed guarantee and installed to CERTASS standards and requirements.

We have access to a wide range of modern double glazed windows, A rated windows as standard, double and triple glazing, some of the most secure composite doors available to the domestic market, bi-folding doors and a full design and installation service available as standard. We can supply casement windows in 26 different colours, Bi-folding doors can be painted in any RAL colour you can think of and composite doors can be supplied in literally any design and colourway you can think of.

Our installers are all experience and MTC qualified and all work is backed by an industry standard guarantee for 10 years.

Windoor Online Limited supplied and installs replacement double glazed windows, UPVC Doors, Composite Doors, French Doors, Sliding Patio Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Conservatories. We also supply bespoke aluminium windows, made to measure timber doors and windows. We work across the Yorkshire region and the North of England.

Our trade division offers a full range of window and door solutions to the construction industry.

Get in touch today on 01274 976733 or for more information.

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