You might be surprised to know that the most common point of entry for unwanted visitors into your home is you front door. 73% of all burglaries occur via entry through your front door.

Most burglars are opportunists, they don't specifically target your property. They try many door handles until they find one unlocked and it still surprises us today how many times burglars simply gain entry into your property due to the door not being locked.

A locked door doesn't put off an unwanted guest gaining access to your home. Let's assume you lock your door as a matter of habit. How secure if your door lock?

The most common lock on UPVC Doors, French Doors and Composite Doors is a Euro Cylinder Lock. Many companies manufacture these locks and they do provide an adequate level of security however they do have many vulnerabilities.

2 of the most common vulnerabilities in these locks are the fact that the lock can be 'snapped' and 'bumped'. Snapping involves attacking the lock from the outside of the door and effectively snapping the front part of the lock off using tools such as mole grips and plain brute force. Once the front part of the lock is removed the door can be unlocked and access to your home is successfully gained. The worrying part of this is that it can be done in a matter of seconds.

Bumping the lock is a process where a makeshift key or screwdriver is inserted into the lock and then the device is struck several times rendering the lock cylinder useless and again access is gained to the property within a few seconds.

Manufacturers of Euro Cylinder locks such as Yale have developed lock cylinders that do feature technology which prevent these forms of entry into the property so it is worth checking what type of lock you have fitted to your front door when ensuring that your home is as safe as possible.

What is the most secure lock out there?

We offer Ultion locks on all Solidor Composite Door's installed by Windoor. It seems obvious that the UK's most secure composite door is complimented with the UK's most secure locking system.

Ultion locks protect your home with a number of unique security features including double snap resistance, 'lockdown mode' - a hidden lock within the lock which engages when the cylinder senses an attack, anti-drill protection and the lock offers the same level of protection even if the key is left in the inside of the lock.

All Ultion locks also come with a £1,000 guarantee in the unlikely event that you are burgled and entry was gained as a result of the lock failing.

We also offer the option to upgrade the locks on UPVC Doors, Composite Doors and French Doors to Ultion locks.

Contact Windoor today to discuss how we can help you make your home more secure by upgrading your doors to Solidor Composite Doors featuring locks from Ultion.

Our installers are all experience and MTC qualified and all work is backed by an industry standard guarantee for 10 years.

Windoor Online Limited also supplies and installs replacement double glazed windows, UPVC Doors, Composite Doors, French Doors, Sliding Patio Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Conservatories. We also supply bespoke aluminium windows, made to measure timber doors and windows.

We work across the Yorkshire region and the North of England.

Our trade division offers a full range of window and door solutions to the construction industry.

Get in touch today on 01274 976733 or for more information.

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